Uses Of Mats

Mats are a piece of fabric material that is usually placed on either floor or any other flat surface. Mat plays a vital role in cleanliness like removing dirt from the soles of shoes. Mats have different types like promotional mats, bar runners, custom bar mats, commercial entrance mats, logo mats and personalized door mats.

Matting customers can easily be overwhelmed by many different types of matting solutions that are available in the matting industry today. If you are not aware of the many different types of floor mats that are on offer today and their functional applications or uses, then you will have a hard time choosing the right floor mat for your home or workplace. Matting products are classified according to the type of material used to produce them and their functional application.

A personalized door mat makes a statement to anyone who visits your home. You can design funny joke door mats, customized family name doormats or welcome door mats that celebrate your pets, hobbies or home décor. You can even design memorable personalized door mats. Bar Runners are specifically designed for bars to soak-up-spills and to offer full color graphics by absorbing water felt to protect from stains, have a super smooth surface laminate surface for bar so that anyone doesn’t gets slip and to improve the visual representation of your bar. Custom Bar Mats also known as spill mat, the main use of Custom Bar Mats is to hold wet glasses, help to prevent spilling and to protect the bar surface. They also cut down on cleaning time by keeping spills contained in the mat itself and not the bar and floor. They are easy to lift up and empty liquid into the sink.

Logo Mats are specially designed for business promotion purposes. These mats usually feature the logo or brand name of a company on their topsides to promote brand awareness and to advertise various products. Logo mats can be installed in many different places such as the waiting area or reception space of your company. They can also be installed in doorways, ion corridors, and even in the elevator where visitors will view their marketing message continuously. Entrance mats Australia are placed in the main entrance of any house or building. These mats are used to trap dirt, moisture and other debris from outside and prevent it from dirtying the floors in the house. Entrance or entryway mats also provide traction at the doorway thereby ensuring floor safety in any building. Promotional Mats are eye catching logo floors mats that are ideal for promotional, trade show and marketing venues. The use of these Promotional Mats is to attract the attention of customers and add brand value.

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