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Victoria\\\’s Crime Rate

Victoria State has one of the most advanced police system with the trained officers to ensure the safety of the people. For the last two years crime rates have been declining and that is due to the efficiency of the police.

Victoria crimes statistics department has revealed that the crime rate Croydon are continuously dropping to a certain level with in three years. In the previous years the crime cases were increasing in a continuous pattern but now they have fallen to 5,922 cases. With the decreasing crime rate the number of victims has dropped to 24000 in the respective year. Police commissioner stated that the crime rates have been falling and it’s some sort of vindication that the police department is fulfilling its duties up to the mark. Decreasing crime rate sets the precedent that the Victoria state is a safe place for the people and the administration is trying its level best to improve the security status of the common people.

There has been almost eleven percent lift in the population but overall crime rate has only gone up by 1.4 percent. Sexual abuses and assaults have gone up in the past few years and police is trying it’s best to overcome these incidents. These incidents have increased by 13 percent only in the last year.

Drug trafficking has also increased and tracked it highest mark in the last decade. The anti-narcotics team is trying it’s best to implement practical plans and implementations to overcome this drug trafficking issues.

Prostitution however has seen decline due to the effective security and police department services. It has been declining continuously for the past few years. Hacking events also saw a decline in the past few years because of the IT specialist task forces preventing such events.

Events of burgling, drugs and hacking saw a decline of almost 9 percent from the previous year which is a huge achievement in terms of stopping these crimes. This all has been possible because of the effective performances of the trained specialized forces.

Overall the commissioner feels that the police is operating effectively and the decrease in crime rate is a proof of that accomplishment.

Crimes decreasing in any state ensure that the people are getting too quality security services. Check and balance on such activities is maintained and necessary steps are taken to ensure that such illegal activities are erased from the society. For this to happen practically a lot of departments of administration and the police have to coordinate together and have to devise a plan that can be executed perfectly in order to decrease or completely erase such illegal activities. Check this website to find out more details.

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